2016 Grammar Warrior Calendar on Homophones

It all started when I created a Medieval school presentation for Grade 4 students delivered in schools across Ontario, called "Knight School". One day, about 12 years ago, someone inquired about our new "Knight School" presentation but they stated that they needed it to be presented during school hours and not at night. We said that it was presented during school hours at your school. They had a hard time understanding this as they thought our presentation was called "Night School" and thereby presented at night (or in the evening). We had to explain the silent "K". There is a good ending to this story as they hired us. This is where Grammar Warriors was born.

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Here are a few of the months. The other months include:
  1. They're vs. There vs. Their
  2. You're vs. Your vs. Yore
  3. Hear vs. Here
  4. Allowed vs. Aloud
  5. Know vs. No
  6. One vs. Won
  7. Accept vs. Except
  8. Break vs. Brake


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