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Entertainment History Shows
1.  - Champlain & the Viking Invasion....
2.  - Challenge A Knight.............................
3.  - Knight School..................................
4.  - Story Telling...................................
5.  - The Duel...........................................
6.  - Battle of Hastings..............................
7.  - Medieval Festival..............................

Challenge A Knight (or Viking) to a duel. Children 10 years of age and less can Challenge one of our warriors to a Duel.
The audience member gets to wear armour and a helmet plus both Combatants use Foam Swords.

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Champlain & the Viking Invasion
Odin invites audience members to help tell the story of the Viking Invasion in Early Canada. The next segment in this 90 minute show has Champlain with audience involvement telling the story of the 12 Musketeers that were in Canada at the same time the famous 3 Musketeers were in France. The final 30 minute segment has children 10 years of age or less, releasing their inner Viking where they get to Challenge RAGNAR, our Viking Warrior, to a battle. Champlain and our Vikings arrive with costumes and display artefacts to bring Canadian History to life for an Experience you won't want to miss!


Challenge A Knight
Amazingly Fun! Children 10 years of age & under can wear a helmet, a colourful tabard, grab a foam sword and challenge a Knight in armour to a duel.
The children are taught basic legal sword strikes. They learn honour (bowing at the start of their fight), respect of the weapon & disciplne (only certain strikes are legal), and sportsmanship (high five the knight at the end of the duel). It is extremely fun for all that partake and watch. Have children live their dream!
Two experienced knights (alternating) take part in this 30 minute show that is performed twice daily.

Knight School
Two knights educate & entertain the audience about the Middle Ages.
This is an adapted version of our popular "Knight School" Educational presentation that tours Ontario Elementary Schools throughout the year. This interactive show has the 2 Knights explaining the evolution of Armour through the Middle Ages with the help of audience members to wear the various types of armour. Volunteers also get to hold many varieties of weapons that Knights would have used. The climax has the Knights getting armoured and taking part in a Medieval Sword Fight.
Two experienced knights take part in this 60 minute show that is performed once daily.

Story Telling
Brother William will be on tour again this year. He will be breathing life into ancient Medieval Stories, Myths and Legends. The characters will come out of the books by way of costumes donned by volunteers in the audience. Real armour and museum reproductions enhance the experience. Stories such as: King Arthur; Robin Hood; and Vikings - can be chosen for your event.
Two experienced Story Tellers take part in this 30 minute or 60 minute show.

The Duel

         Two knights compete in a Combat of Arms as they try to win the hand of a Fair Damsel for their respective Lord.
         Two Lords and a Lady are chosen from the audience and they are the basis for the story.
The two Lords have to pass 3 tests, Strength, Intelligence and Courage. Once they pass the tests they are then given sword fighting lessons (with foam swords) after which they get to challenge their respective Knight to a fight. Their Knight then represents them in the final battle (with metal swords). Two Knights battle and the victorious Knight's Lord gets to sit beside the Lady on a throne. Two knights, a Knight Marshal, Squire and an MC all take part in this 30 minute show that is performed three times daily.

2 Knights Duelling

The Battle of Hastings

         Four to Six Knights from various time periods compete in a Medieval Tournament.  With each victory the Knight gets one step closer to the Final Match, where the Victor is crowned Kings Champion, Protector of the Realm.
Audience members are chosen to be our King & Queen. Four to Six Knights, Knight Marshal, Squire(s), MC, and DJ take part in this 45 minute show that is performed twice daily.

Medieval Festival

         Blades of Glory provides all entertainment for a Medieval Festival in your town or city. Performers include: Medieval Dancing (interactive), Reptile or Falconry show, Story Telling, Medieval Weapons Display and show, Medieval Armour Display & Show, Face painting, Western Medieval Martial Arts Display (Sword Fighting School), "Challenge a Knight" for children to fight one of our knights, Medieval gift shop, and of course the Blades of Glory Knights will provide fighting shows throughout the day. Our DJ provides medieval background music to enhance the experience.

The NEW Canadian History Show

Canadian History
         Three 30 minute skits highlighting important Canadian History events.
1. The Vikings are Coming! 500 years before Columbus. Volunteers are used to show off various Viking armour and Weapons. Two skits are done showing the impact they had on the local natives.
2. Jacques Cartier. The French claim land while the Iroquois stand by watching, but not passively. The impact that Europeans had on the Natives.
3. Samuel de Champlain. The Fur trade, the first European village in the New World which culminates in an unforgettable Battle with the Iroquois.
4. Adam Dollard and the Battle of Long Sault. The Hero of New France in 1670 lives again in this Historical skit.
5. Laura Secord skit. How did an 1812 heroine become a chocolate mogul.
Audience participation, costumes and humour play a big part in these Canadian Cultural Historical Presentations.
Three different 30 minute shows are performed daily.

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us:  (705) 653-4144


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