The Blades of Glory Professional Knights are united and excited about the upcoming Tournament and ALL are all vying to be Proclaimed "Protector of the Realm". The Tournament is what they live for. Hearing the roar of the crowd inspires the Knight to dispatch his opponent. Come and cheer your favourite Knight onto Victory! Below are the Knights and other characters you will meet at Blades of Glory shows. 

Annette joined Blades of Glory in 2018. Currently she is the only female Knight participating in Blades of Glory's armoured tournaments. She is extremely aggressive and usually relies on sword & buckler. Her wrestling background has helped her immensely in the duels.
Aldric joined Blades of Glory in the year 2008. During his time at The Realm he became thge most feared sword fighter. He won 16 Realm Tournaments and now is one of the judges at the Battle Knights show Tournaments. When Aldric fought, he wore riveted chainmail armour. Aldric fought with longsword, sword & shield. Aldric has a 3rd degree black belt in karate. He has his own dojo, Trent Hills Martial Arts, in Campbellford & Brighton, Ontario Canada. 
ARNAUD the Templar
Arnaud joined Blades of Glory in 2013. Arnaud is a Templar Knight. He uses chanimail and dons a Great helm to fight in. He usually fights with a longsword, although he will use Sword & Shield or Sword & Buckler. Arnaud fights at the Ancient World Realm and as a Viking at the Canadian History theme park.
Damian joined Blades of Glory in 2018. He takes advantage of impressive height as he towers over his opponents. Damian loves using Axe & Shield in his duels. He also will use either Sword & Shield or Longsword. Damian teaches our History program in elementary schools.
Ectorius joined Blades of Glory in 2018. He has taken up blacksmithing, specifically making his own armour and helmets. His new plate armour will be unveiled later in 2020. He fights with longsword, sword & buckler & also uses single sword in tournaments.
Hugh joined Blades of Glory in 2005. Hugh teaches the Grade 4 "Ancient Civilizations" school presentation and the Grade 5 "Canadian History" school presentations. He has been training in Medieval combat and made his debut at the Realm in 2008. Hugh embraces his Scottish heritage. Hugh is an armourer and a leather worker. Hugh takes great pride in perfecting "Bertha", Blades of Glory's trebuchet. 
MATHIAS the Hospitaller
Mathias joined Blades of Glory in 2013. Mathias has worked with horses since he could walk. He also is an actor at 4th Line Theatre near Millbrook. Mathias teaches choreographed fighting at the theatre and also helping with combat for our gladiators. Mathias used those skills to aid him in fighting at various Medieval Tournaments around Ontario and at The Realm. Mathias uses chainmail armour with the Hospitaller surcoat (same coat of arms as St. John's Ambulance, which came from the Knights Hospiataller around 1023 C.E.). He uses sword/shield and also longsword in his battles.
NJORD the Viking
Njord joined joined Blades of Glory in 2015. Njord is an armourer, creating his own armour that he fights in. He is adept at Sword & Shield. Njord will fight with longsword and at times he has used sword & dagger. He fights at the Ancient World Realm and also at the Canadian History theme park. Njord has the backing of the faeries, helping to inspire him onto victory!
JORDAN of Exeter
Jordan joined Blades of Glory in 2011. He has years of experience in boxing and also in various martial arts. Jordan has embraced his celtic roots and has armour similar to what they used a few hundred years ago. Siurtan uses sword/shield, 2 weapoons and longsword in the tournaments. He has quick reflexes and lots of energy. Jordan fights at various Medieval shows across Ontario and brings birthday wishes across Ontario in the way of Medieval combat for the excited birthday child.
Tantris joined Blades of Glory in Autumn 2014. Tantris has immersed himself in studying the Templars, but when the order was executed in 1307, he went into hiding. He has also devoted himself to studying the way of the sword since joining Blades of Glory. He fights with Sword/Shield and also with Longsword.
Tor hails from Germany. He joined Blades of Glory in 2013 but then he got called back home to his ancient castle. He has subsequently returned, roaming the Realm taking part in tournaments. He fights with longsword and also uses single sword in tournaments.
ULRICH IV von Matsch
Ulrich joined Blades of Glory in 2013. Ulrich von Matsch wears a reproduction 14th Century Milanese Tarnsitional plate armour fashioned after the real Ulrich von Matsch in the 1300's. The real suit of armour, called Churburg #13 is on display in the Churburg Castle. Ulrich uses sword and shield and also longsword in the tournaments. He also brings birthday wishes in the form of medieval combat across Ontario at various birthday parties. Ulrich is an instructor for Blades of Glory's MACE fighting system. Ulrich fixes any swords in disrepair and is setting up a forge to create swords and armour.
Xrofer was born into Blades of Glory in 1998. Rumour had it that he had a sword in his hand prior to being able to walk. Xrofer has been a page and a squire with Blades of Glory. He also has done well in grappling and sparring tournaments in Karate. He entered the Lists in 2016 and won his first Tournament, the youngest fighter to do so. Xrofer uses sword & shield, and also longsword. He received his new 15th Century armour, wearing a sallet and bevor.
Zon created Blades of Glory in 1994. He is proficient in many weapons and fighting styles. With his new 16th Century armour, he usually fights with a two-handed sword. Zon has helped create (with Lady Montse) many of the school presentations. Zon is the lead instructor in Blades of Glory's MACE fighting system. Zon fights in Medieval shows across Ontario and at The Realm. 
Lady Montse joined Blades of Glory in 2002, although she was a Medieval dancer for Blades of Glory in their first Festival in 1995. Montse handles all Blades of Glory's bookings and is the hostess at both Realms. Montse helped create many of the school presentations and the sections at both theme parks with Zon. Montse hails from Mexico. She brings with her much knowledge about the Aztecs and the Mayans. She has studied many other ancient civilizations, especially Egypt. Montse and Zon have been to Mexico a few times exploring many different pyramids.
Blades of Glory Herald
Brother William joined Blades of Glory in 1995. He is the Herald of Blades of Glory. His powerful voice can easily be heard above most PA Systems. Brother William teaches about archeology and the Jesuits at The Realm. He does Story telling at Festivals, such as "The Sword in the Stone". Brother William fights at times as well, under the name "Subotai - the Mongol General".
O Yea! O Yea!
JORVALL the Norseman
JORVALL joined Blades of Glory in 2011. JORVALL wears chainmail and furs. He fights with a massive two-handed axe. Jorvall teaches the Grade 4 (Ancient Civilization) and Grade 5 (Canadian History) school presentations across Ontario. Jorvall teaches at the Gods section at the Ancient World Theme Park and about Vikings at the Canadian History Theme Park.
Mistress Jayne joined Blades of Glory in 2006. Mistress Jayne teaches the Crime & Punishment section at the Ancient World Realm. Her section is extremely popular for both students and teachers, usually the students think she is rather mean. Teachers wish they could use Mistress Jayne's methods of student discipline, but sadly these techniques have been banned for years - except at The Realm.
BRAYDON the Spartan
Brayon joined Blades of in 2018. He has been a page and now training to become a Squire. He has helped out at our Educational theme park and also at the Hastings Medieval Festival and some of our other shows. Braydon has been training with buckler & sword, in addition to many other weapons & styles.

Knights that have left The Realm to travel to far off, distant lands. They have gone but are not forgotten. 

Eberulf, with Zon, helped create the "Knight School" presentation. He started with Blades of Glory in 1995 and left in 2004. He fought with two-handed sword, shield and sword, axe or flail. Eberulf performed in Medieval shows all across Ontario including Ontario Place & Casa Loma. Eberulf did come back in 2007 for a brief appearance. Eberulf is missed. 
The Black Knight has returned to The Realm. He is the swordmaster that initially trained all Blades of Glory fighters. In addition to having Martial Arts experience, the Black Knight was also in the military. He taught "Knight School" for one year. He will be teaching swordfighting to upcoming swordmasters in the Peterborough & Belleville areas, starting in September 2012. 
Talus joined Blades of Glory in 2001. He taught the new recruits the art of Medieval combat, he also is a blacksmith; making much of Blades of Glory armour pieces. Talus, the Green Knight, was very aggressive - usually using two swords majority of the time. Talus fought with two-handed sword, flail and axe. He fought in Medieval shows across Ontario and at the Realm. Talus joined two other Blades of Glory fighters in a competition against opponents from USA performing very well. He helped choreograph the gladiator fights at the "Ancient Civilizations" theme park. 

Chris is with OSSC (Ontario Specialized Species Centre). He brings with him a falcon and speaks to the students about the Art of Falconry through ancient times to today. Chris also attends the Medieval Day Camp on Wednesdays, and he attends the REALM every Sunday throughout the summer, where he showcases the falcon by demonstrating its flight.
ALEKSANDROV the Polish Hussar
Aleksandrov joined Blades of Glory in 2011. He is a crowd favourite at the Medieval Realm. Aleksandrov fights in his Polish Hussar armour. He has joined forces with Ragnar and Zon performing at the Royal OIntario Museum. Aleksandrov fights with sword/shield, two weapons and also longsword. He is a reknowned orator and has helped out with MC work. Aleksandrov was a camp counsellor in previous years. He has also fought as a Gladiator in our Ancient Civilzation's Spectacle in our Roman arena at our Ancient Realm for Grade 5 students.
Gavin joined Blades of Glory in 2008. He is the strongest Knight at The Realm. Gavin fights with sword and shield and he has dabbled in longsword as well. He wears Ringmail (which he made himself). He helps teach Siege Warfare at The Realm. Gavin is also a Gladiator at the Ancient Civilizations Realm. 

Rogan joined Blades of Glory in 2013. Rogan just purchased a new harness (suit of armour). He has been involved with LARP (Live Action Role Play) since 2010. He has transitioned into Blades of Glory combat system. He fights with short/Shield, longsword and he specializes in 2 weapons. Rogan taught the Grade 4 and Grade 5 Blades of Glory History presentations. Rogan also is a Gladiator at the Ancient Civilizations theme park.
URIK Shield Basher
Urik joined Blades of Glory in 2013 and left to go to far off lands in 2016. Urik is big. He entered the "Fighting List (or area) by breaking a shield over his head! Urik fought with sword/shield and polearm. He uses scale armour. Urik was also one of the Gladiators during our Ancient Civilization's theme park.
Thayn joined Blades of Glory in 2004. He fought for two years and left in 2006. Thayn went to school for video production. Perhaps in the future Thayn will again emerge at The Realm. 
Gunthar joined Blades of Glory in 1996. He is extremely proficient in two-handed sword and is amazing with sword and shield. Gunthar also taught new recruits the finer points of swordsmanship and defending oneself with a shield. He has taught "Knight School" in previous years. Gunthar was a very formible foe, winning many tournaments over the years. He has recently left the Realm, in 2012, gaining nobility status in another land. 
Mortakai taught "Knight School" for two years and "Ancient Civilizations" school presentations for one year. Mortakai was a powerful fighter using a two-handed sword or sword and shield. His charm won him many admirers. 
Edward joined Blades of Glory in 1996. He fought with many weapons and fighting styles. Edward made armour and chainmail. He fought in many Medieval shows across Ontario.
Malcolm joined Blades of Glory in 2004. He stayed one year but made a tremendous impact on the company. Malcolm was a strong fighter that always gave his opponent a tough match. 
Romulus joined Blades of Glory in the year 2008. He has taken a hiatus to go back to Rome to perfect his Roman arts. 
THROTTIGARR Stormbringer
Throttigarr joined Blades of Glory in 2004. Throttigar taught both the Grade 3 and Grade 4 school presentations. Throttigarr fought at the Medieval Realm and other shows across Ontario. Throttigar followed his Viking tradition and he is exploring other lands. 
Artorius fought with Blades of Glory for 6 years (starting in 2000). His skills at videography and pictures/graphics are amazing. He taught both "Knight School" and "Ancient Civilizations" in previous years and is now working like a "real Knight" at Queen's Park safeguarding the provincial ministers. He returns to both Realms when he can. He is quite good at brawling it out with a two-handed sword and with his height advantage he does quite well at the Medieval Realm. He helped to choreograph the gladiator fights at the "Ancient Civilizations" theme park.
Amelious joined Blades of Glory in 2010. He helped teach the Grade 5 Ancient Civilizations presentation with Lady Montse. He has been fighting for years with the SCA but just entered the Blades of Glory Realm Tournaments for one year - in 2011. He is very proficient with the sword and shield. Amelious was a Roman Guard at the Grade 5 Ancient Civilzations Realm. He also taught the Egyptian mummification process in our pyramid.
Korigan joined Blades of Glory in 2003. She was the only female fighter that has survived the gruelling training sessions. Korigan fights with either two-handed sword or sword and shield. She has taught "Knight School" in previous years. Korigan fights at many Medieval shows across Ontario and also at The Realm. She teaught the Chainmail Workshop at The Realm. Korigan was a gladiator at the Ancient Civilization's theme park. 
Frederick is quite arrogant and proud of it. He joined Blades of Glory at the end of 2006 and stayed until 2010. Frederick traced his roots back to ancient Scotland. Frederick wore his family's kilt. He has a tattoo of his family's crest on his back. Frederick taught the Grade 4 "Knight School" presentation for 3 years. Frederick fought at many Medieval shows across Ontario and also at The Realm. He likes to fight with sword and shield or two-handed sword. He also taught Siege Warfare at The Realm. Frederick and his fellow Scottish friend Hugh take great pride in perfecting "Bertha", Blades of Glory's trebuchet. Frederick was also a gladiator. 
Blades of Glory Merchant
Sempura joined Blades of Glory in 2000. She was the storekeeper at both Realms. Sempura was the Keeper of the Time at The Realms, sounding the gong that signals the change of activities for the students. She has an air of mystery about her.

Stoik was here from 2 years leaving on another voyage in 2018 to the East Coast to explore his Scottish ancestry roots. Stoik wore Maille and Brigandine armour. 
Lady Rose joined Stoik to go on a voyage to the East Coast in 2018. Her 2 years with Blades of Glory was amazing!.
Lady Catherine joined Blades of Glory in 2016. She is an archeologist and left to explore other ruins across the known world in 2018. Catherine has worked at dig sites in Northumberland County.
WAT TYLER the Peasant Knight
Wat Tyler was a historical figure, uniting the Peasants in a revolt. Wat was with Blades of Glory for 5 years. He has left the armoured combat fighting to sword fight in the HEMA style. We wish him the best, looking forward to seeing him in action at the Hastings Medieval Festival on Labour Day weekend in Hastings, Ontario, Canada.

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