H astings Medieval Festival, September 5 & 6, 2020

The Medieval Show that is NOT behind glass!

Youth Sword Fighting School - coming soon

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E ducational Theme Parks, in Hastings Ontario & School Presentations
Grade 4, Ancient World Realm
Grade 4 & 5 School Presentations
E vents, Entertainment Shows and Sword Fighting School
BOG Events

Entertainment Shows
Sword Fighting School
S ummer Theme Park, Weddings and Knight Pictures
Warrior Weekends

Knight Pictures

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What is Blades of Glory?

Blades of Glory is an educational & entertainment company that was created in 1994.
Blades of Glory has taught history to over 250,000 Ontario students (Grade 3 to Grade 7).
Blades of Glory has taught full armoured sword fighting since 1995.
Blades of Glory provide:

1. Curriculum Based School Presentations
2. Educational Theme Parks (Medieval/Ancient Civilizations)
3. Medieval Entertainment Shows

Blades of Glory Creators: Harry Heydon & Montse Alvarado

Harry Heydon and Montse Alvarado created the school presentations and educational theme parks on their knowledge and experience:

Harry Heydon:
1. Supply Teacher, KPRDSB
2. Alternative School Teacher
3. Supervised an Elementary CTCC (Behavioural) Section Class for 16 years.
4. Worked with Children in Care (Foster & Group) for 27 Years
4. Taught Restraint Technqiues (UMAB & TCI) to staff & foster parents for 16 Years

Montse Alvarado:
1. Professor at Loyalist College, Belleville Ontario
2. Experience at many Aztec & Mayan pyramids - born in Mexico
3. Has Dyslexia - knows Learning Disabilites first hand

Not all students learn the same way. We utilize many methods in our teaching process:
Visual  - Various artefacts and props are displayed. Lighting is also used
Auditory  - Presenters speak about curriculum based facts. Background music is played
Kinesthetic  - Students get to touch and/or try on the artefacts at the end of the presentation
Skits/Role Playing  - Students act out historical skits wearing costumes

    If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us: 

(705) 653-4144


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