2 ,000 year old Egyptian Canopic Jars and a 2,700 year old Ushabti.
Part of the Grade 5 Ancient Civilizations & Ancient Egypt School Presentations.

Blades of Glory brings Authentic Artefacts to your school for historical presentations. Some authentic pieces are dated 4500 years old while others are Museum Quality Reproductions.
Our philosophy is to offer a Hands On presentation, bringing these items to the students as opposed to viewing them under glass which is what Museums would do.

Your students can see up close some Ushabtis that were buried with pharoahs from the 4th and 24th Dynasties (4500 and 2715 years ago respectively); touch a 13th Century German Rondel Dagger, that all Knights would carry with them to break through their enemies chainmail armour; hold a real beaver pelt and wear a beaver top hat from the 1800's; feel the weight of a couple canon balls from the War of 1812; hold some dolls (Frozen Charlotte & Topy Turvy) that pioneer girls played with in the early to mid-1800's.

We have many other items that will satisfy the curiosity of both students and teachers alike.

Grade 3 - Butter churn from 1800's & Various pioneer items (iron, candle mould, mortar & pestle, shears and nail)

Grade 3 - Topsy Turvey Doll & Frozen Charlotte dolls (all dolls are from the mid-1800's)

Grade 4 - Two Daggers from 13th Century Germany (& crossbow bolt)
& Medieval Helmets (Reproductions)

Grade 4 - Reproduction Milanese armour from 1300's and Chainmail Coiffes + close up pic of rivetted Chainmail

Grade 4 - Police Helmet & Bullet Proof Vest (Today's Armour) and Scold's Bridle (Punishment for women)

Grade 5 - 4,500 Year Old Ushabtis from King Menkaure (4th Dysnasty) & Rosetta Stone Reproduction

Grade 5 - 2,500 year old Egyptian Scarab & Large Jade Chinese Pangu mask

Grade 6 - Large Beaver pelt & Native Drum

Grade 6 - Inuit Sunglasses made from antler & Iroquois Gustoweh (Mohawk - as it has 3 feathers)

Grade 7 - Canon balls from Niagara (War of 1812) & 1812 Newspaper (Fort Detroit), musket ball bullet mould & cutter, powder horn

   Seminars are presented to 2 to 3 classes at one time.
    Presentations are held in a gymnasium
Pricing depends on location and number of presentations ordered. 
If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us:  (705) 653-4144

E-Mail: info@bladesofglory.ca

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