Grade 4 Educational Ancient Civilizations Theme Park

B lades Of Glory: Ancient Civilizations Realm


"Your BOG Program is the best field trip I have been on in 26 years of teaching! It's so well organized." Susan Williamson - Kawartha Heights Public School, Peterborough (September 7, 2010)
 The Realm is located just outside the Village of Hastings, Ontario. It is open during the months of May and June, from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Students get to participate at each of the 8 ancient world areas. A Historical character at each station will compare that topic with 2 to 3 different civilizations prior to the students getting to participate in the activity. The various areas include 8 of the following:
  1. Gods of the Ancients
  2. Dragons and Serpents, GNP Reptile Rescue
  3. Excavation Site - "Hands on" Activity
  4. Armour through the Ages
  5. Weapons through the Ages
  6. What the Ancient Civilizations gave to our civilization
  7. Music
  8. Crime & Punishment
  9. Egyptian Mummification Process
  10. First Nations Hoop Dance
 The climax of the afternoon comes at 1:00pm when the students get to witness a Tournament featuring the Blades of Glory's Warrior's Throughout the Ages.
 Each area is 15 minutes long, this is based on the average attention span of a person. We have a limit of 240 students per day. The students will be split into six groups and will be given one of six coloured tabbards to wear over their clothes to make each group easily discernable. Each group will be represented by a specific Historical Warrior that they get to cheer for during the tournament. Each group proceeds to each of the 8 areas prior to lunch, which begins at 12:30pm. After the tournament is over, the students are allowed to get autographs of the various Ancient World characters. We have a store (Ye Olde Shoppe) on site that sells various items reasonably priced (under $10) so that students can afford to purchase a souvenir if they wish. We also sell water and varieties of chips. We do not sell any pop, candy or chocolate.

 Information about cost:
  1. The cost per student is $35.00 + HST
  2. Parents are welcome to attend (same price as students), but we request that they travel by bus as there is limited parking
  3. Students can purchase souvenirs from our Store "Ye Olde Shoppe"
  4. Students must bring their lunch
  5. We also sell water and varieties of chips
  6. Teachers and EA's attend for free
 Important information for Students:
  1. Students must bring their own lunch
  2. Students must dress weather appropriate (hats are recommended)
  3. There is a store to purchase souvenirs, priced under $10
  4. The Realm happens regardless of weather. Only lightening causes cancellation

 Important information for Teachers:
  1. Everyone must bring their own lunch
  2. Everyone must dress weather appropriate (hats are recommended)
  3. 25% deposit required ASAP to hold your spot
  4. Balance of money is due on the day of your school trip
  5. Please make cheque payable to: Blades of Glory
  6. Montse is your contact at The Realm
Your Realm Hosts are: Lord Harry & Lady Montse

 Advantages for having a school trip at The Realm:
  1. The Realm is Educationally based, follows the curriculum
  2. "Hands on" activities for the students
  3. Stations are 15 minutes long, consideration to the student's "attention span"(including ADD & ADHD students)
  4. Section 23 Students and LD students do well here, due to the different forms of learning
  5. The Realm uses many learning techniques: Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Olfactory and also "acting" in a play
  6. The Realm is on private land, therefore when the gates are shut, no "strangers" can enter
  7. Students are easily seen as they are wearing one of six brightly coloured tabbards that are worn over their shirts
  8. Each station is in the open so the students are well seen, all of the time
  9. No city traffic as The Realm is located outside of the town of Hastings
  10. Students are immersed in the atmosphere of the theme park
  11. Students cheering their favourite Historical Warrior is encouraged as it expels excess energy, just before leaving on the bus
  12. Bus Drivers get Free Coffee and a pastry at Bridgewater Donut Shop in Hastings, speak with Montse for further details
  13. The Realm is FUN for all ages!!

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us:  (705) 653-4144


B lades Of Glory: Ancient Civilizations Realm

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