BOG: Medieval Armoured Combat Entertainment (M.A.C.E.) - Professional Sword Fighters


Blades of Glory Medieval Armoured Combat Entertainment (M.A.C.E.) is a Combat system that has evolved over 21 years of Medieval fighting. The combat system has taken into account Historical European Martial Arts from both the Italian and German perspectives in a judged duel and married them with safety measures to give the participants (and the audience) the enjoyment of Medieval combat with less risk of major injury. We have eliminated both the thrust and the grappling aspect that are present in the other philosophies but still maintaining the Historical guards (defensive/offensive).

There are many Medieval combat programs out there, each with their followers but none are true unless one uses REAL sharp swords, as even blunt swords alter the true capabilities of the sword. Our Combat Duels are judged 2 minute rounds. Points are awarded for a solid hit with the edge of the weapon on the head, torso, arm (above the elbow), and leg (above the knee). The goal is not to strike the joints (elbow, knee) - again for safety reasons. Strikes that hit with the flat of the blade do not count either. Strikes that deflect off of a block (sword or shield) are judges descretion (did majority of the hit get deflected or did it power through the block). Each of the warriors get their choice of weapon (and/or shield) regardless of what their opponent takes - unlike some systems that insist that whatever your opponent takes, you must take the same. One gets to experience the strengths and weaknesses of the various weapons and fighting styles.

Training is every Sunday in Hastings (May to December) at Blades of Glory's Realm, and in Campbellford at the Trent Hills Martial Arts dojo (January to April) at 23 Saskatoon Ave., Campbellford.

The people training have the ability to advance to become a professional swordfighter in Blades of Glory Medieval Fighting shows at our theme park "The Realm" or in our touring shows across Ontario, depending on ability, commitment and personality.

Blades of Glory organizes the Hastings Medieval Festival on Labour Day weekend, annually. The next Festival is on Saturday September 2 & Sunday September 3, 2017.
There were 5 different sword fighting groups that attended in 2016:
  1. LARP: Live Action Role Play (LINNAGOND from Peterborough, Ontario)
  2. SCA: Society for Creative Anachronism (Petrea Thule from Peterborough, Ontario)
  3. PFC: Peterborough Fencing Club
  4. HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts (Ironwood Sword School from Kingston, Ontario)
  5. BOG: Blades of Glory, from Hastings Ontario

The new recruits start training in Sword & Heater Shield. Other weapon training & fighting styles includes: Longsword, Weapon (sword, axe, flail) & Round shield (center boss and strapped), Sword & Buckler, Sword & Dagger, polearm, 2 weapons.

Blades of Glory M.A.C.E., you will learn:
  1. Safety - to be safe with the weapon
  2. Stance Work - foot work, various styles
  3. Endurance - you need the endurance for 5 minute rounds
  4. Shield Work - ability to block the sword without thinking
  5. Sword Technqiues - various techniques to score points
  6. Sword Control - most important, controlling the weapon at all times

Cost is $20 per lesson
You will need to bring:
  1. Loose fitting clothing (track pants & a long sleeve shirt)
  2. Athletic Supporter (jock)
  3. Gloves (leather, work, garden, etc.)
  4. Shoes (workboots, army boots, running shoes - last choice)
  5. Towel
  6. Water
  7. Enthusiasm

Blades of Glory provides:
  1. Qualified Instructors
  2. Swords for training
  3. Shields for training (wood)
  4. FUN

Blades of Glory sells training swords and shields.

    If you have any questions or require more information, please contact us: 

(705) 653-4144



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