Birthday Parties


Birthday Parties

Blades of Glory offers various entertainment packages to help celebrate your birthday and make it an experience you will never forget.  We can do either adult or child birthday parties.

Basic, Child:

Two Knights come to your birthday party and talk about and show various armour, helmets and weapons.  The birthday child gets to wear some real chainmail and wear a helmet.  Each child at the party gets to fight against one of the knights.  At the end of the party the Knights square off and have a duel.

We can also offer various additions.

Basic, Adult:

Two Knights come to the party and bring armour and helmets for the birthday person to try on.  The Knights will duel for 3 rounds, with each round using a different weapon.

We can also offer various additions.


Entertainment Additions:

  • Sword Fighting class
  • Armoured Sword Fighting Class
  • Axe Throwing (adult and child)
  • Archery (adult and child)
  • Dueling Pistols (adults and youth)
  • Battle Bows – Combat Archery Game (adult and youth)
  • Weapons Test:  which incorporates the weapons above plus Chinese Crossbow, Medieval Crossbow and even Sword Cutting
Things To Know

You can bring your Birthday Party to our Medieval Park in Hastings or we can come to your place.


Please contact us for pricing.