Amazing Medieval Shows

Large Events / Festivals

Blades of Glory offers various Medieval Shows

  • Medieval Festival
  • Protector of the Realm (4 to 6 Knight Tournament)
  • The Duel, 2 Knight Show
  • Challenge a Knight (children under the Age of 10 can fight one of our Knights)
  • Medieval Presentation & Display
  • Story Telling – Sword in the Stone

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Medieval Festival

Our portable Medieval Festival can come to your city or town

We have many different Medieval Entertainment options, such as;

  • Knights in Armoured Sword Fighting Shows
  • Falconry
  • Medieval Musicians
  • Harpists
  • Drummers
  • Belly Dancers
  • Medieval Armour & Helmet Displays
  • Medieval Weapon Displays
  • Challenge a Knight, game for children under the age of 10
  • Axe Throwing (both adult and child versions)
  • Archery (both adult and child versions)
  • Spear Throwing
  • Face Painting
  • Crime & Punishment presentation & display
  • 2 Large Thrones – great for photos
  • 2 sets of Stocks – great for photos
  • Medieval Tents


Protector of the Realm, 4 to 6 Knight Tournament

This ultimate Medieval show is done twice a day.  Four to six Knights compete in a Tournament to be proclaimed the Champion of the List, Protector of the Realm.  We use audience involvement for not just being the Monarchs but also for squires to help the knights get ready for battle.

Brother William, our MC (who looks like Friar Tuck), gets the crowd cheering for their favourite Knight as they are introduced.

The audience gets to see Knights from the Middle Ages wearing armour geared to the historical time period they were from, do battle to see who will emerge victorious.  Judges score each match and the referee makes sure the Knights fight honourably.

At the end of the tournament, you are welcome to come and get autographs and/or pictures of the various Knights and performers.  We have a medieval display table and store to visit.  Plus take a seat on the throne and get a selfie as the monarch!


The Duel, 2 Knight Show

This is our most popular show and can be performed three times per day.  It can also be combined with the Challenge a Knight show below.

The Duel pits 2 Knights in 3 rounds of combat.  Each round they must use a different weapon.

In between each round, to give them a brief rest, our MC gets audience involvement when talking about the evolution of medieval armour, medieval helmets, and/or medieval weapons.

We also choose a monarch to oversee the fighting.

At the end of the show, we encourage the audience to meet with the Knights and other performers.  We have a medieval display table and store to visit.


Challenge a Knight

Parents love this show as they get to watch their child fight against one of our Knights.  The young challenger must wear a tabard and a medieval plastic helmet.  They both use a foam sword, but they must respect the honour of the list.  They must bow at the start of the duel to their opponent to show respect and they must give the Knight a High 5 at the end of the match to show that they are still friends.

We perform this show three times per day but can also be combined with The Duel show above.


Medieval Presentation and Display

The Medieval Presentation is very similar to what we performed in schools all over Ontario from 1998 to 2019.

We utilize volunteers to help us when we talk about the comprehensive evolution of Medieval Armour and Weapons.  We also talk about, and show, various artefacts we have in our collection.  This show is performed twice in a day.


Sword in the Stone

Brother William, using audience volunteers, tells the tale of the Sword in the Stone.  Each volunteer gets to wear a costume and, with guidance from Maid Marian, help to tell the tale of how Arthur gets to become King by pulling the sword out of the stone.  Both parents and children love this dress up story.  There are numerous photo opportunities.

Brother William can perform this story 2 times throughout the day or it can be combined with the Challenge a Knight show above.

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