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Throne Games

Do You Have What it Takes to Rule?

“When you play the Thrones Game, you either win… or you have a great time trying!”

The Thrones Game is an exciting new interactive medieval family game, designed to put your dexterity and medieval knowledge to the test. Two teams, representing two rival noble houses, compete in five head-to-head competitive sections to win the Thrones. Each section is either intellectual (answering questions) or physical (actively participating in axe throwing or archery), and you earn points for your team by playing to your strengths and doing well in the activities. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins, and their respective Nobles get to become Monarchs, overseeing the Knights Tournament fight from atop their Thrones.

The Throne Games experience takes two hours, and is perfect for families. Will your team emerge victorious, or will you be forced to concede the throne to your rivals? Only one way to find out…

2022 reservations are now open!

Things To Know

100 Dunlay Rd, Hastings, ON K0L 1Y0

Seasonal Dates

July 1st to September 30th

Booking Length

The experience lasts 2 hours

Price Per PErson

$25 per person + HST

Group Reservations

The recommended number of people for a group reservation is at least 4. The minimum charge for a group is $100 + HST, even if you don’t have 4 people.

Brawn & Brains Unite!

Are you a history buff? More athletically inclined? No matter where your strengths lie, you’ll need to use them to your advantage in order to carry your team to victory. Each team member must either answer a series of questions at one of the sections, or perform one of the physical activities (axe throwing or archery) to earn points. The team with the most points will ascend to the Thrones, and will oversee an exciting Knight Tournament fight to round out the day.

Feudal System

Immerse yourself in the medieval experience! In the Throne Games, each member of your team will become a class within the Feudal System (noble, priest, crafts person or artisan, merchant, peasant axe thrower, peasant archer). There are fun costumes for each of these roles, so dive into roleplaying as for a truly exciting and memorable visit.

2022 reservations are now open!

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