Battle Knights: The Duel

The Blades of Glory Duel Tabletop Game

Test your mettle, while wearing metal, to win a medal! Duel to see if you truly have the Best Sword in the Realm.

Historically-Accurate Tabletop Combat
For Your Next D&D Campaign

Battle Knights: The Duel is a Sword Fighting Tabletop Game (D&D Compatible) that is based on real armoured combat sword fighting by the Blades of Glory Knights, using their sword fighting system (MACE: Medieval Armoured Combat Entertainment). 

It is combined with role-playing to give you a unique experience in the real world of sword fighting.

Give Your Fearsome Fighters a Path to Mastery

Use one of the Blades of Glory Knights (pre-generated characters), create your own armoured sword fighter (using the easy to follow rule set), or use your own D&D character and put your sword to the test! 

This is a perfect addition to any RPG, when the adventure is over and the Fighters of the Party are waiting for the other characters to level up, OR you can use this game as the basis of your next adventure. 

Based On Genuine Swordsmanship Treatises

You get to experience the minute details of sword fighting in a fun, friendly, and safe way by yourself (solo games), with friends and /or other players in a tournament setting.

This game is based off of the Blades of Glory armoured sword fighters and our sword fighting system, called MACE, which has evolved since 1995.  The MACE system also includes ancient martial arts techniques from manuals (or treatises to be exact), dating back from the 1300’s up to late 1570.  

In this game, all the strikes, blocks and details that you will have to take into consideration in sword fighting is what our sword fighters experience during real duels that they fight in – all for the enjoyment & entertainment in front of hundreds/thousands of people. 

Practice Your Dueling Prowess in Tournaments
Safely Boost Your D&D Character's Combat Skills

Battle Knights: The Duel is a 1 vs 1 Sword Duel, and the goal is for your character to attain more points than your opponent at the end of 10 Rounds of Combat. 

You can either bring your already created D&D character into this game or you can create your own character – just follow the “Create a Character” rules. 

Based On The MACE Combat System

As in the MACE sword fighting system, this game is all about strikes and not thrusts (stabs – finding the gaps in armour), and not grapples (wrestling – arm bars, or throws to the ground).  It is about slashing attacks to gain points, not about killing your opponent, as in a war, battle, or the duel to the death. 

Each sword fighter gets 1 attack per round for each of the 10 Rounds but they also have possibilities of getting Combination Attacks and also Counter Attacks from a block.  They can choose 8 different weapon/fighting styles, such as Longsword, Sword & Heater Shield, Sabre, Sword & Axe, to name a few.  They get to buy/choose their armour, helmets, weapons, torse, etc. and learn various specialty Defensive Blocks or Highly Advanced Specialty Sword Strikes such as Ulrich’s Ultra Swift Single Sword Flurry, or the 2 Weapon Cartwheel of Devastation. 

Easy to Play, Challenging to Master
Adjustable Complexity Fits Any Group and Play-Style

You get to choose to play in the different skill levels of sword fighting.

White Flag: This is where you get your first sword fighting experience. This Beginners version is great for new players or for younger persons so they can still enjoy Battle Knights – The Duel.  You get to play in Practice Mode.

Red Flag: This Standard version allows you to get accustomed to the process of this sword fighting game, and gives you some insight into some of the specific skills required.  You can play in either the DEMO/Show Fights OR in Tournament Mode.  Practice Mode is still available.

Black Flag: This is the Advanced Version.  It allows you a glimpse of the much more detailed specifics that goes into the finer points of sword fighting within the MACE Sword Fighting System.

Battle Knights: The Duel
Grab your weapon, enter the Fighting List,
Roll the Dice and Lay On!