Frequently Asked Questions

Because we get lots of questions from people planning their next medieval adventure at Blades of Glory, we’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help. If your question is not answered below, we encourage you to reach out directly.

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Our sword fighting is a sport and we have judges that score the successful strikes. Our swordfighters are not trying to hurt each other, they are trying to score points and win the match meanwhile trying to entertain the audience.

The swords that we use are real swords but blunted. They have a full tang, meaning the sword is one piece of metal from tip to pommel.  Display swords tend to have a bolt welded from the hand guard to the pommel and if they are used, they break.  The swords that we use are relatively new, with the oldest one being about 20 years old.  We do have ancient artefacts, daggers being 800 years old.

No, you do not need your own gear.  We do provide practice swords/weapons and shields.  We do have Armour and Helmets that students can borrow. 

No,  the swords are not sharp, they are blunted but you can still get cut if you don't wear armour.  The edge of the sword is minimum 2mm thick, while some swords are 3mm or 4mm thick.

The armour is relatively heavy.  It generally weighs somewhere between 50 lb and 80 lb (23kg to 37kg).

No we are not LARP.  Live Action Role Play is another sword fighting style.

Sword fighting is similar to any other contact sport. Once in awhile injuries do occur but they tend to be minor injuries because we do not thrust or grapple which tends to be the cause of major injuries.

We do not thrust or grapple specifically to reduce injuries.  To thrust safely, one must have a high level of armour to prevent injuries.

You do not need experience to sword fight. Many skills from other sports are transferable but if you do not have them you will learn them in practice.

Yes, we do actually hit each other with blunted metal swords which means you must use armour.  Judges score each fight.