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Hastings Medieval Festival

Medieval Combat, Brought To Life

  • A very unique 3 day festival celebrating the Sword Fighter on Labour Day weekend in Hastings (Ont. Canada)
  • Nowhere in the world will you find this many sword fighting styles together at one place. Each sword fighting group gets a time period at centre stage to talk about their form of sword fighting and show a demonstration of their style.  The styles that are represented are
Things To Know

100 Dunlay Road, Hastings Ont. K0L 1Y0


September 3, 4 & 5  2022

Price Per Person


  • General (18+): $15 + HST
  • Child (9-17)/Senior: $10 + HST

Multiple Sword Fighting Styles

    • LARP (Live Action Role Play)
    • SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)
    • Fencing
    • HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)
      • German
      • Italian
    • Vikings – 2 styles
    • Buhurt, also known as ACL (American Combat League) & HMB (Historical Medieval Battles)
    • Okichitaw Indigenous Martial Arts
    • MACE (Medieval Armoured Combat Entertainment)
  • Some of these styles will have more than one groups representing them

Medieval Vendors and Artisans

Other groups/vendors/artisans/professionals attending the Festival

  • Merchants are there selling their wares
  • Artisans, such as blacksmith and chainmail makers are also there demonstrating their skills and selling their crafts
  • Special presentations by Musicians and Dancers
  • Special displays & demonstrations. Falcons and Reptiles.

2022 tickets on sale soon

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