Join us for the
Tour of the Medieval Macabre
July 13, 2024
July 13, 2024
... sometimes HISTORY is scary

Tour of the Medieval Macabre

Tour of the Medieval Macabre is set to open on Saturday the 13th of July!

This Frightening experience is made even more terrifying as the events experienced are what  actually happened in Ancient History.

There will be no “Freddys” or Jasons” or “Chuckys”.

There will be no “jump scares”, or zombies with chainsaws.

Our historical stories will haunt your dreams knowing that these hideous tales happened to real people.

Come and take a guided 40 minute tour through some gruesome events throughout ancient history.

It starts after the sun has set at 9pm.

These horrors of History delves into some intense historical events that have shaped human life… usually to a ghastly ending.

Accompany Mistress Jayne, the executioner’s assistant, as she guides you through our ancestors medieval macabre.

Because…. Sometimes HISTORY can be scary!

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