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Grade 4 - Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations Presentation

Bring the excitement of Blades of Glory to your own school!

The Blades of Glory Ancient Civilizations presentation is a 60-minute educational experience that specifically addresses the Grade 4 Ontario School Board curriculum on the Ancient Civilizations unit. Through the use of lighting, music, and costumed skits, the Ancient Civilizations presentation aims to actively engage students and immerse them in the topics they’ve discussed in class. Topics ranging from the Roman government to the ancient Egyptian mummification process are covered, and students and teachers are encouraged to volunteer to help explain them to the audience. 

Your student’s will talk about this presentation for Ages!

Book Blades of Glory for your school now!

Things To Know

Blades of Glory will come to your school!


Seminars are presented to 2 to 3 classes at one time.

Presentations are held in a gymnasium

4 tables (approx. 6’ each) and 4 chairs are required

Each presentation takes 60 minutes to setup


$600 + HST ($1000 + HST for Canadian History on the same day)

Payment can be made by cash or by cheque the day of the presentation(s).An original invoice will be brought the day of the presentation(s) to be exchanged for the cheque.

Cheques must be made payable to Blades of Glory

Interactive Ancient Civilizations Experience

The Ancient Civilizations presentation begins with an introduction to the importance and excitement of studying history, before proceeding into a discussion on how certain technologies from the past are still in use today (with examples). 

The presentation will then cover the Roman Government, the evolution of warriors and combat throughout history, and then an exploration of the Egyption mummification process. To round out the session, students will be able to come look at and touch some of the various ancient artefacts that are brought with the presenters.

Authentic Ancient Artifacts

After the 60-minute presentation, students will have the opportunity to come to the front and see some of the ancient artefacts on display. 

At the centre of the display area is an Egyptian Coffin. This replica is flanked by a variety of real ancient medieval swords, helmets, and arrowheads (800 years old), as well some much older Ancient Egyptian Canopic jars and Ushabitis (2000 – 4500 years old). Other interesting relics may be brought on request.

Book Blades of Glory for your school now!

What Teachers Say

"Excellent! The best presentation I've seen in 24 years of teaching. An outstanding presentation that is linked to curriculum expectations. Great artefacts, interactive presentation. Students loved it!"
L. Vallorio, Gr. 5 Teacher
Holy Name of Mary, Ancaster
"A wealth of information on different civilizations imparted to the students. The students enjoyed taking part in the various activities which kept them interested in the presentation. Good display & artefacts."
Mrs. Mendonce, Gr. 5 Teacher
Our Lady of Good Voyage School, Mississauga
"The presentation on Ancient Egypt was fantastic. The museum came to us and was 'hands-on'. The live involvement of the students in the stories was humourous AND educational."
Mrs. Cassell, Gr. 5 Teacher
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School, Whitby