"Ancient World" Field Trip

A Blast From the Past

A field trip through time – make history come to life with the Blades of Glory Ancient World Realm! 

The Ancient World Realm is an interactive educational experience following the Ontario Grade 4 curriculum. When they arrive, students will be split into eight groups, each of which will be assigned a colour. Students will then rotate through eight interactive sections, each with a different educational theme. After each group has experienced every section, students will reconvene to watch an epic sword fighting tournament to round out the day. 

The harder the students cheer for their favourite knight, the harder the warriors will fight!

2022 reservations are now open!

Things To Know

100 Dunlay Road, Hastings, Ontario K0L 1Y0


$35 per student + HST

Teachers, CYWs, EAs get in FREE

Chaperones in a ratio of 1 per 10 students get in FREE

Extra chaperones are welcome at the same cost as the students (they must travel in the bus due to limited parking)

Eight Interactive Sections

After splitting off into groups, students will rotate through eight engaging and educational sections, each featuring a different topic from the Grade 4 history curriculum. Below are listed some of the possible sections (sections vary depending on availability).

Truth about snakes, "dragons," turtles, and other reptiles. Students will get to touch the reptiles.
A live falcon is on display and facts about ancient falconry are shared with the students.
A trip in time through the evolution of Armour – Students get to try it on as part of the session.
Crime & Punishment
Students get to learn how the ancients disciplined mischievous children and adults.
Excavation Site
A hands on activity where students unearth artifacts and go through the process of documenting, deciphering, and cataloging them.
First Nations Dance
First Nations dancer engages the students in discussion and a dance.
Students get to create their own bookmark putting their name on it in Norse Runes.
Gods of the Ancients
The different Gods and their powers.
Medieval Textiles
New section where an educator speaks about medieval textiles. On display are the various dyes that the ancients would use and what specific natural items were used to make the different dyes.
Mummification Process
Volunteers are used to do the Egyptian mummification process
“Schmooosic” introduces students to music of ancient times with a variety of ancient instruments.
A trip in time through the different weapons used and the children get to shoot a missile from “Bertha” our 20’ the trebuchet.
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Knight Combat Tournament

Students round out the day by watching a spectacular medieval combat tournament. Each group of students will cheer for the warrior that corresponds with the colour assigned to them, and those that cheer the loudest will push their knights toward victory!

You may recognize these knights, as many of them are also the educators that were running some of the learning sections. After the fight, students are encouraged to talk to the knights and to even get their autographs. Your medieval journey awaits!

2022 reservations are now on open!

What Teachers Say

"Excellent! The best presentation I've seen in 24 years of teaching. An outstanding presentation that is linked to curriculum expectations. Great artefacts, interactive presentation. Students loved it!"
L. Vallorio, Gr. 5 Teacher
Holy Name of Mary, Ancaster
"A wealth of information on different civilizations imparted to the students. The students enjoyed taking part in the various activities which kept them interested in the presentation. Good display & artefacts."
Mrs. Mendonce, Gr. 5 Teacher
Our Lady of Good Voyage School, Mississauga
"The presentation on Ancient Egypt was fantastic. The museum came to us and was 'hands-on'. The live involvement of the students in the stories was humourous AND educational."
Mrs. Cassell, Gr. 5 Teacher
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School, Whitby