Knights of the Realm

  • Damian
  • Ectorius
  • Hugh Ross
  • Jordan of Exeter
  • Lord Zon
  • Mathias the Hospitaller
  • Njord the Viking
  • Tendrick
  • Tor
  • Ulrich IV von Match
  • Xrofer
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Matt C.

Matt started sword fighting with Blades of Glory in 2018.  He won his first sword fighting tournament, the Apprentice Tournament, one year later.  He took quite a liking to the axe and is quite intimidating with his large size.  He excels at axe & shield fighting.  Matt’s new fascination and he is currently training with the flail.  Look out opponents!

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Josh started sword fighting with Blades of Glory in early 2018.  He took fascination with armour and has since made multiple helmets for himself, in addition to currently making his own armour suit/harness, making breastplates, arm& leg armour for Blades of Glory and also making curved wooden shields.  Josh has made eye slot protection of other Blades of Glory sword fighters’ helmets.  Josh fights quite fluently with longsword and also sword & dagger.

Hugh Ross


Jeff joined Blades of Glory in 2007.  He initially joined the company as an Ancient Civilizations educator.  He later joined as a sword fighter and his Scottish ancestry shaped his sword fighting style.  Jeff makes armour (leather, splint and coat of plates, in addition to chainmail).  Jeff is also the chief trebuchet engineer for Blades of Glory, overseeing the renovations and repairs of “Bertha”, that he named it.  Jeff is great with sword & shield and also longsword.

Jordan of Exeter

Michael J.

Michael started sword fighting with Blades of Glory in 2011. His endless energy helped him win many tournaments over the years.  Michael has since trained as a paramedic and was also in the military.  Michael is excellent with the longsword and the sword & shield.

Lord Zon

Harry T.

Harry T founded Blades of Glory in 1994 with his first sword fighting shows taking place in 1995.  Harry T developed the MACE sword fighting system over decades of sword fighting that allows for competition meanwhile reducing the risk of potential injuries and keeping the sword fights quite exciting for the audience.  He is the lead instructor.  Harry T makes sure there is an element of history education in all of the Blades of Glory shows.  He has made many types of armour over the years and tries to promote the skills of other Blades of Glory personnel.  He still finds the time to get into a few sword fights every year.

Mathias the Hospitaller


Ken started sword fighting with Blades of Glory in 2013.  He comes with years of horsemanship.  Ken left the immediate area but still participates in tournaments and shows.  He continues his training with another group, The Rangers of Govannas.  Ken is excellent with sword & shield.

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Njord the Viking

Mark W.

Mark started his sword fighting training with Blades of Glory in 2015.  Mark’s dedication to training is exceptional.  In addition to sword fighting Mark also makes armour: chainmail, leather, dragonscale, and plate.  He was went through 3 suits of armour since he has started.  Mark is great with sword & shield and is currently training with 2 weapons.

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Jason started sword fighting with Blades of Glory in 2014.  His professional career of working with aggressive autistic adults has helped him greatly in sword fighting.  He is a tough competitor and is excellent with the buckler and also the round shield.

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Cole started his sword training with Blades of Glory in 2013 but then moved away.  He rejoined Blades of Glory in 2018 when we opened a sword fighting school in Oshawa.  Cole is an excellent leather worker.  He has made various parts of armour in addition to pouches, quivers and most recently, a leather Covid face mask.  Cole is very good with the longsword.

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Ulrich IV von Matsch

Austin D.

Austin started sword fighting with Blades of Glory in 2013. He is now one of the instructors.  He also studies YouTube sword fighting videos and has pushed the other fighters to improve their skills by improving his greatly.  His dedication to the sword fighting craft over the years has made him one of the top sword fighters at Blades of Glory.   Austin makes metal armour pieces in addition to chainmail. Austin also is great at making clothing accessories for armour such as a torse for the Blades of Glory sword fighters.   Austin is excellent at many weapon styles but extremely skilled at:  longsword, single sword, sword & dagger and is training with greatsword.  He has won many tournaments over the years.

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Harry X.

Even though he is young, he has had a sword in his hands since he was 18 months old.  He was sparring against other sword fighting groups when he was 11, using complex multi-strike moves.  His natural physical ability mixed with his years of playing multiple sports at high levels makes him an extremely potent sword fighter.  He officially started his sword fighting training with Blades of Glory in 2015.  Harry X is also one of the instructors.  He holds the record for being the youngest tournament champion in the history of Blades of Glory.  Harry X is adept at many weapon styles, such as: 2 weapons, longsword, sword & shield, and single sword.  He has won many tournaments over the years.