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High quality sparring and tournament grade combat weapons designed for SCA, HEMA and WMA.

301 Grove Road, Unit A Phoenix, Oregon 97535

Castille Armory

In 2013 Sam Kovic decided to jump in head first and take his love for the art of defense to a higher level. Zenergy Metal Works, LLC was founded and Castille Armory was brought to life.

What started off as a garage-based hobby turned into a full-fledged business in 2013 with the rental of a small shop in Central Point, Oregon. Castille quickly outgrew that 2000 sq ft space and moved to a larger shop in Medford, and then we outgrew that building and started renting the one next door, and a few years later the one next door to that! Finally in 2018 we made the jump to a much larger shop in Phoenix, Oregon where we all live happily under one roof.

Since 2013, Castille Armory has entered the international arena and orders have far surpassed the output of a hobby shop. Sam has had to pass on his knowledge and techniques to his crew, a band of talented individuals who share the deep love for all things swords. This personal passion keeps Castille Armory moving forward. Because quality and attention to detail are everything in a niche market, everyone who works at Castille Armory also fences—mostly because we love to—but it’s that hands-on approach that means we designed your sword as if it were our own. If it’s not good enough for us to use in tournament, it’s not good enough for you.