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We make swords that are beautiful and unique.

SIGI Forge, s.r.o. Rovniankova 2 851 02 Bratislava Slovak Republic

Sigi Forge

The goal of SIGI Forge is to create safe, reliable and yet aesthetic gear based on the weapons used by the people of medieval world. Our swords and other accessories are created with passion and love for our hobby and trade. It is intended for all kinds of practitioners; from people who are solely interested in reviving an old martial art to vivid tournament fighters, you will find much delight in our products.

Featured Products

Dear HEMAists, we’re proud to present you our flagship line of products – the SIGI Feder Standard. The SIGI Feder Standard has been finetuned according to our long-term experience as swordsmen to mirror the needs of everyone. From someone who is solely interested in reviving an old martial art to a vivid tournament fighter you will find much delight in its attributes. It has been developed with much love and care – the same attitude we have towards the practice of medieval martial arts. The SIGI Feder is a very versatile sword. Gentle in the thrust (great flex, spatulated tip), yet firm in the strong part. Thanks to its point of balance feels significantly lighter and flies almost on its own. Best choice not only for starting fencers, but also for experienced fighters.

Sigi Feder
Sigi Feder