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Lucas "Lorecrafter" Graham

Lucas Graham, an ardent game enthusiast recently turned designer, is the creative mind behind the tabletop RPG, Architects of Creation: Worlds. A longtime player of board and card games, Lucas’s entry into TTRPGs inspired him to create a unique game simplifying the worldbuilding process. Architects of Creation: Worlds makes crafting realms an accessible, collaborative adventure, providing a platform for both beginners and seasoned players to bring their imagined worlds to life.

2024 Featured Game

Architects of Creation: Worlds

“We are they that know the vastness of Creation.”

For eons we slept, blissfully unaware of anything beyond the nothingness of our dreams. Then, there was a spark; a loud new world encroaching on our dark infinity, disturbing our fathomless slumber. Curious, we observed this nascent world, and in it, we saw the potential for our own actualization.

Driven to shape Creation in our own image, to give physical form to our incorporeal selves, we Creators now compete and collaborate across the millennia. We raise mountains as easily as empires, birth wondrous new creatures, and influence civilizations to both great and terrible heights.

We are they that know the vastness of Creation. After all, we built it.

Architects of Creation: Worlds is a world-building game of creativity and “competitive collaboration.”

Players take on the roles of primordial Creators – deities of Good, Evil, Order, and Chaos – who are attempting to shape the world in their own image.

The object of the game is to create a dynamic and robust fictional world by working with, and sometimes against, your fellow Creators. In the end, you will be left with a fully fleshed-out world to serve as the setting for your next RPG campaign or novel.

2024 Featured Game
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