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Your Special Day, The Medieval Way

Are you looking to make your special day truly unforgettable? Look no further than Blades of Glory!

Whether you’re planning your own wedding, or you’re going to surprise a friend for their bachelor(ette) party, there’s no better way to impress guests than with a pair of fully-armoured medieval knights. Whether they are just greeting your friends and family at the door, or they are taking a more active role by entertaining guests with sparring and sword fighting lessons, the happy couple are sure to end up feeling like royalty.

Enter this exciting stage of your life feeling like the Nobility of Old!

2022 reservations are now open!

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Our Blades of Glory knights are the perfect feature to turn any regular bachelor(ette) party into a legendary occasion to remember.

The Bachelor(ette) Package includes two sword fighters who will come to your venue and bring practice weapons and armour for you and your guests. These knights will lead your group through drills on the effective use of a Sword & Buckler and a Longsword, then you’ll have the opportunity to do those same drills again but with armour, gauntlets, and a helmet on. 

The event will end in a blood-pumping professional sword fight between the two knights, for your entertainment. Photo opportunities are available throughout!


Make your wedding a ‘Knight” to remember, with Blades of Glory! 

There are various packages available for weddings, including:

2022 reservations are now open!

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