Medieval Birthday Parties

A Royal Revel

Spend your next birthday feeling like royalty, by hosting a knight fight in your honour!

Blades of Glory birthday parties are a sight to behold, and are guaranteed to be a fun and memorable occasion. Whether you want to book a pair of knights for your child’s birthday, or for your own, Blades of Glory is the perfect all-in-one solution for keeping your guests happy and entertained. Get ready to party like it’s 1399!

2022 reservations are now open!

Things To Know

Any venue within 200km of Hastings, ON

Booking Price

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Children's Birthday Parties

Make your child’s birthday party extra-special by letting them live the action they only see in movies and books! 

As part of the Children’s Birthday Party package, two Blades of Glory Knights will come to your venue (be it an event hall or a backyard) for a one-hour foam sword fighting lesson. The knights will talk to guests about the various pieces of armour and weapons they’ve brought, then will run some basic drills to teach them how to use a longsword properly. At the end of the lesson, the knights will demonstrate a real sword fight with real weapons. Picture opportunities are available throughout!

Adult's Birthday Parties

You’re never too old to have fun with Blades of Glory! On your birthday, two Blades of Glory Knights (in shining armour!) will come to your party and teach sword fighting drills. These drills will feature both the Longsword, as well as the Sword & Buckler. Your guests will get the opportunity to try on authentic helmets and armour, and then you can attempt the exercises again, this time with the armour and helmets on. How will you fair with the extra weight and lack of vision?

To culminate, your party will end with the two knights engaging in a thrilling full-contact sparring match for your guests to watch.

2022 reservations are now open!