Teacher Testimonials

"I can tell you that I would rate you as excellent or above average in every category. The presentation was absolutely fantastic. The whole school (parents, teachers, students) are still talking about it. Many of the other teachers were really excited when I told them that you do presentations for other grades as well.

The school has had presenters come in the past to do a presentation on Medieval Times. Every teacher I have spoken to said that your presentation was far better. I am not sure if you noticed, but many teachers stopped by during their prep time to watch. All the teachers who passed by were really impressed with how authentic the set up was. Adil and I particularly appreciated how the presentation was very informative, entertaining and realistic.

We were so thrilled with how interactive the presentation was, and how many students got a chance to come up, participate and even wear costumes. The students especially enjoyed getting to see, touch and experience the armour, weapons and artefacts. I think that everyone's favourite part was watching Adil dress up in the armour and engage in a sword fight. Again, with regard to all these aspects of the presentation, I would rate you with top marks.

We will definitely be doing this presentation again next year and every year we teach grade 4."
G. Eschle
Summit Heights Public School, Toronto
"Blades of Glory brought medieval times to reality for my students. The presentation was very concrete. Students really enjoyed the hands-on nature of the presentation. All in all it was a great experience for both students and teachers."
Ms. Vario
Doncrest Public School, Richmond Hill
"This presentation has never failed to entertain and teach. I would recommend it to any Grade 4 teacher. It has always been talked about by students as a highlight of the year. Thank you! Great as always."
Nancy Bordonaro
Thorncliffe Park Public School, Toronto
"Great presentation. The students were captivated. They were very attentive. I was very impressed. Lots of information & lots of 'hands-on'. Loved the fight!"
Mrs. Siobhan Rock
Russell Public School, Russell
"The knights were great with the kids as well as extremely knowledgeable about the topics. I hope they are the two who come back next year. A must for any Grade 4 Social Studies program. Very Real!"
Aaron Cornelisse​
Washago Public School, Washago
"Very informative & interactive. It was great that the students could try on the knights armour and hold their weapons. Lots of students got to participate during the presentation. Both presenters spoke with animation and at a good volume. It was a great fun dance for all the students to enjoy while participating. The students had a great time because the information is presented in a fun way."
Mr. Lett​
Doncrest Public School, Richmond Hill​
"Very complete. Great knowledge of the Ontario curriculum. Wonderful use of student interactions! Knight School is a must! It is your curriculum back into a Medieval time!"
Manon Boudreau
St. Luke Catholic School, Ottawa
"Wow! What a wealth of knowledge and artefacts. Brings learning to life!"
Adam White
St. Catherine Elementary School, Peterborough
"Enthusiastic. The presenters voices are great with the theme. To the point. The material - WOW!! Many students participated. The 'hands-on' aspect was super!"
J. Bertrand
Russell Public School, Russell
"Involving the students was the key to keeping them interested. The information presented was valuable and followed the curriculum expectations (Grade 4 Social Studies). 'Guys' kept the presentation at the children's level. Thank you! The students had 'fun' and they 'learned lots' to share with their parents."​
Kallista Kelly-Gossage​
Harrowsmith Public School, Harrowsmith​
"A great 'hands-on' experience for the students. The program is structured and curriculum based. An excellent supplement to the Grade 4 Medieval Times unit."​
Melissa Sheridan, Deb McCormick, Barbara Pike​
Prince of Wales School, Barrie​
"Great at attempting to include all students, good incorporation of listening/moving/'hands-on', etc., good role plays - really engaged kids & had them 'buy in' to the presentation, wonderful assortment of 'knight gear'."
Mrs. Stephen
Spruce Glen P.S., Huntsville
"A lot of interesting information presented in an age-appropriate manner. Students were attentive, interested and involved throughout the presentation!"
H. Willows
Beaches Alternative & Kimberly P.S., Toronto
"Fantastic presentation! My students saw both presentations and really enjoyed everything - the hands-on activities, the artefacts, the drama, the medieval fight, etc., A great review of our study of 'Medieval Times Unit' and the 'Ancient Civilizations Unit'! All students were actively engaged for both presentations! I would gladly have you visit our school again!"
Mrs. M. DeNoble
Archbishop O'Sullivan Catholic School, Kingston
"Really liked how they involved students. Great information, easy to understand. Great displays. We used this as an introduction to our 'Medieval Times Unit'. Engaged students & gave them a great knowledge base for the unit."
S. Leggatt
Fieldcrest Elementary School, Bradford
"The students learned a lot while also being active participants. You have not only helped the students learn, but you also created memories. Thank you."
E. Glover
St. Joseph Catholic School, Oshawa
"Excellent! The best presentation I've seen in 24 years of teaching. An outstanding presentation that is linked to curriculum expectations. Great artefacts, interactive presentation. Students loved it!"
L. Vallorio
Holy Name of Mary, Ancaster
"Very 'rich' visual presentation. Very accurate following the Ontario curriculum. Great interactions using student participation. Great costumes. Highly recommended to reinforce and complete your lessons! It is a must!"
Manon Boudreau
St. Luke Catholic School, Ottawa
"The presentation on Ancient Egypt was fantastic. The museum came to us and was 'hands-on'. The live involvement of the students in the stories was humourous AND educational."
Mrs. Cassell
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School, Whitby
"I was so impressed. The music and the lighting added so much effect. The students and myself were mesmerized! I loved it! The stories told were very interesting and told in a simple way that held everyone's attention. Loved the costumes!"
Mrs. Siobhan Rock
Russell Public School, Russell
"Student involvement was fantastic! The presentation was well worth it. The presenters and their creative use of story telling made history come alive for the students! A great presentation that can be used as an introduction or wrap up to the Grade 5 study of Ancient Civilizations."
Lea Varvaresos
Berrigan Elementary School, Barrhaven
"This surpassed my expectations! The presenters were very good at managing the behaviour of the students and kept them interested from start to finish. The artefacts and props were fascinating - the kids loved them! I also really liked the way stories were told about the ancient civilizations involving the students. They connected with history in an interesting way."
Sabrina Belchamber
Berrigan Elementary School, Barrhaven
"Students were very engaged in all aspects of the presentation. Presenters spoke loud and slow and kept students attention. An exceptional compliment to the Social Studies material that is taught. Brings dry textbook material to life!"
Sheldon McDougall
St. Andrews Separate School, St. Andrews
"The 'hands-on' approach makes the Ancient Civilizations curriculum come alive for the students. Students love the opportunity to touch and handle the various artefacts - something that probably wouldn't happen in a museum."
Nicole McNeil
St. John Evangelist Catholic School, Whitby
"A curriculum based presentation that the students were highly engaged in. The props and presenters were fantastic!"
Melissa Sheridan, Deb McCormick, Barbara Pike
Prince of Wales School, Barrie
"A great review of the Grade 5 curriculum."
Mark Anderson
Ardtrea Cumberland Beach Public School, Cumberland Beach
"A great way to travel to the ancient world."
C. Kerr
John Dryden Public School, Whitby
"Awesome artefacts with lots of opportunity for students to get involved!"
L. Whitaker
Chris Hatfield Public School, Milton
"A wealth of information on different civilizations imparted to the students. The students enjoyed taking part in the various activities which kept them interested in the presentation. Good display & artefacts."
Mrs. Mendonce & Ms. Rozario
Our Lady of Good Voyage School, Mississauga
"Wonderful props and costumes. Excellent student involvement; fits beautifully with the curriculum being taught in class."
R. Keddy
St. Mark Separate School, Mississauga
"Links to Ontario curriculum documents and educational units coincide with the presentation's information."
Simon Perrier
Helen Wilson Public School, Brampton
"Great overview & consolidation of Grade 4 Medieval curriculum. Great interaction with the students to engage them in the presentation."
Ms. T. Prohaszka
Ardtrea Cumberland Beach Public School, Cumberland Beach
"The children were captivated. It grabbed the boys attention and kept it. Performers had an excellent sense of humour. The cost was one fourth of other presentations and we did not have to leave the building. Awesome experience for my special needs students without all the anxiety of a bus trip. Thank you."
C. McNeil
St. Joseph Catholic School, Oshawa

Grade 5 - Canadian History

"It was an excellent presentation. Very hands-on. I especially liked how so many of the students were involved in the presentation. It was also very relevent to the curriculum! Engaging and entertaining."
Paul Switzer
Glen Dhu Public School, Whitby
"It made history come to life for my students. They enjoyed the re-enactments and participating in the show. The Explorations presentation was dynamic, interactive and educational. A great summation based on the Ontario curriculum for the Canadian Explorations Unit."
E. Smith
Pleasant Corners Public School, Vankleek Hill
"Lots of hands-on activities to help students remember specific explorers and aboriginal groups and interactions between them."
Mr. Stewart
Berrigan Elementary School, Ottawa
"This presentation allows the students the opportunity to truly understand the concepts by "seeing it". A lot of the students gained a better understanding by participating. Thank you. It was great!!"
J. Petroy
Wismer P.S., Markham
"Lots of artefacts - good use of bringing the students into the activity. Very professional."
Freeman & Johnson
St. Mark Separate School, Mississauga
"Amazing. Lots of participation, interesting artefacts and relevent information. An amazing opportunity for students to interact with history."
Tom Corneil
Truedell Public School, Kingston
"The students loved the opportunity to re-enact historic events in costume. They also loved touching the artefacts. This was a great introduction to Grade 7 history. The students will now have lots of prior knowledge to refer to when we do work in class. Drama & physical movement are fantastic tools for learning. Thanks so much!!"
Coralie Driver
Colonel J.E. Farewell P.S., Whitby