Embrace the Blade, Master the Dance

HEMA Sword Lessons

Dive into the riveting world of Historical European Medieval Martial Arts with Blades of Glory’s weekly HEMA sword-fighting lessons.

Under the tutelage of seasoned instructors, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey of mastery – from the basic handling of the blade, to the complex footwork and strategies of medieval combat. Our classes, designed for enthusiasts of all skill levels, offer a hands-on exploration of this time-honoured martial art in a supportive, safety-first environment.

Embrace the blade, feel the rhythm of the combat dance, and discover a newfound strength within. Join us today and let your warrior spirit shine.



Malcolm Sheppard has dabbled in fencing and martial arts since 1988, including kempo, kung fu, tai chi, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, Filipino martial arts, and Korean martial arts. After studying foil fencing in high school, his first exposure to historical fencing/HEMA came through stage combat training in 1996, and he returned to it in 2015 when studying Blades of Glory’s MACE swordplay system. In 2017 he attended the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium, studying German and Italian longsword along with Italian knife fighting and grappling. In 2018 he attained Level 1 instructor certification in Academie Duello’s Italian longsword and rapier systems, and from 2018-2020 he trained in German longsword in the Peterborough Fencing Club’s program while seeking out training opportunities from historical fencing and martial arts teachers.

Things To Know

December to April

The Mount Community Centre (1545 Monaghan Rd, Peterborough, ON K9J 5N3)

May to November:

It is outdoors at James Stevenson Park

Dates & Times

December to April

Saturdays: 11am to 2pm

May to November:

Usually 2 days per week, determined in late April


$30/lesson + HST

$100/ 4 lessons + HST


Please register first at:  info@bladesofglory.ca