The BOG Logo

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The Blades of Glory logo is black, white & red.

It is two Great Helms facing each other of opposite colours, black & white with a red sword in the middle.

The black & white helmets represent the two opponents in the sword fighting duel, facing each other in opposition to each other.

Each helmet is on a background of the opposite colour; a white helm on the black background and a black helm on the white background.

The black and white colours represent the concept of dualism, how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary or interconnected.  The colours show a balance between those two opposites with a portion of the opposite element on each half of the logo.

Each fighter’s training is very formal & structured training that the sword fighters must abide by.  They must follow MACE (Medieval Armoured Combat Entertainment rules), our sword fighting system.  They do have control over which weapons they wish to use in the duel.  They also have choice as to what time period of armour they wish to wear, assuming they wish it to be historical.

The red sword signifies aggression, controlled aggression.  There is one sword because there is only one victor.